Basis Sommerfest


The “Basis Sommerfest” is the finissage of the “Basis” art studios. The not-for-profit cultural institution “Basis” operates with the aim to provide studios for young artists , designers and other creative professionals in Frankfurt, and this is the final night of their big summer showchase.

The Frankfurt department of “WHITE” was one of the early tenants of the “Basis” building at Gutleutstra├če, so it seemed to be a logical step, to get involved with their party.

For this evening we play as a classical WHITE line up: The former Frankfurt residents Edward & Oskar asked their labelmate “Tristen” from Berlin to join in. And also asked their homie from Frankfurt: Oliver Hafenbauer.

So you can expect a crazy, familiar atmosphere, with excelent Disco & House tunes all night long.

The party, like all events of “Basis” remains open and without entrance fee and is made possible by the Carhartt Frankfurt Store! Thanks!

Cookies Summer Nights – White Records Labelnight


Dancing….Dancing and Romancing…
White Records Label Night with Oskar Offerman, Edward & Johannes Albert

07 Aug 2010 // 23:55
Cookies // Friedrichstra├če – Unter den Linden

Oskar Offermann (WHITE)
Edward (WHITE)
Johannes Albert (WHITE)


white 10 cover

Artist: Edward
Title: Expressions In Stone
Release: 10 Jun 2010
Format: 12 Inch
Distribution: Intergroove Germany
Cat.No: WHITE 010-6

WHITE Sparkle In Her Eyes – Fred P & Pawel at Horst Krzbrg


hey folks!

this time we invited the man behind “Black Jazz Consortium” aka. “Fred P” and one of my loooong time favourites “Pawel” the man who used to be “Turner”, and this brings up some great memories from my earlier rave days… :)

support comes from Edward and myself.

anyhow, we are looking forward a lot! :)))

hope to see you at Horst!


WHITE Sparkle In Her Eyes – Fred P & Pawel at Horst Krzbrg
4th June 2010 // 23:55h
Horst Krzbrg // Tempelhofer Ufer 1

Fred P aka. Black Jazz Consortium (UQ, Soul People Music)
Pawel (Dial)
Edward (WHITE)
Oskar Offermann (WHITE)

WHITE Sparkle In Her Eyes // Ella Spezial


Yo folks,

this time we have a big family meeting coming up! “Ella” is the the fusion of 4 like-minded labels: Giegling, Kann, Smallville & WHITE. But first and foremost it is a fusion of good friends and it almost feels as family! :)

So please give a warm welcome for the first official “Ella” party in Berlin ever!



Julius Steinhoff & Dionne aka. Smallpeople (Smallville/Hamburg)

Bender & Sevensol (Kann/Leipzig)

Kettenkarusell LIVE (Giegling/Weimar)

Tristen (WHITE/Berlin)

02.04.10 // 23:59h // Horst Krzbrg // Tempelhofer Ufer 1



Here it it, our latest release by another newcomer by the name of “Johannes Albert”. Welcome to the family!

These very honest and timeless tracks tell us a story. The story of Johannes Albert’s passion for House. Since he was 15 years old, he is basically a fan, and that reflects in his music.

We also produced huge posters of this motive as a free give away for the shops. So ask your locals dealer for one.

So long, take care!


Artist: Johannes Albert
Title: Wooden Pearls
Release: 24th March 2010
Format: 12 Inch
Distribution: Intergroove Germany
Cat.No: WHITE 009-6

WHITE 008 – out now!!!


hey people,

the latest WHITE 12″ is in stores now!!!
We also thought it is time to reinvent our artwork a little bit, since we’ve got a little bored with the black & white… :)
But don’t worry we will still continue with the faces series, since we really want to portrait some artists over a longer period in time.

Since this is my own joint, I find it very hard to write something about it… I just hope you like it and you dig the artwork as much as we do!



Artist: Oskar Offerann
Title: Apple Crumble Beneath My Feet
Release: 6th January 2010
Format: 12 Inch
Distribution: Intergroove Germany
Cat.No: WHITE 008-6

New Years Day: Weisse Hasen at Kino International

Weisse Hasen at Kino International

The idea is simple:
Providing a personal, relaxed and cosy environment for everyone who worked the clubs the night before, or simply didn’t go out at all, because new years never is the real deal in Berlin. The clubs are expensive, crowded, and everybody is trying to hunt the hotspot for the night and ends up never finding it. So that is why most locals concentrate more and more on the New Years Day.
And that’s when the Weisse Hasen Party at Kino International will take place… :)

Sweet autumn mix by Edward

EDWARD: Autumn Mix

Maze – Twilight (Capitol)
Linkwood – Who La La? (Firecracker)
Edward – Fatback
Ron Trent – Feel The Rythm (Prescription)
Levon Vincent – I Owe You Everything (Novel Sound)
Rolling Stones – Heaven (Original Sound)
Lawrence – Miles / Version (Dial)
Matias Aguayo – Papel (Soul Jazz)
I:Cube – Eges Of Confusion (Markting)
Portable – Realese (Perlon)

itsoktohateyourjob myspace

WHITE SPARKLE IN HER EYES with Dionne (Smallville) & Brotherhood (Kann)


WHITE SPARKLE IN HER EYES with Dionne (Smallville) & Brotherhood (Kann)

12.12.09 // 23:55h // Horst Krzbrg, Tempelhofer Ufer 1

For our WHITE Christmas party we invited some friends from our favourite labels SMALLVILLE & KANN once again!

I guess you could say it is a well-proven receipe… but those were simply the best nights of the year for us! :)

From Hamburg City we have Just aka. Dionne.
Besides Julius, Jaques and of course Lawrence, he is another good family spirit of the Smallville Shop. Also he is the production partner from Julius Steinhoff and the “Smallpeople” are roughing up the deephouse world quite a bit these days. Releases for Laid & UQ are in the pipeline…:)

For our KANN support we have Brotherhood from Leipzig this time.
Together with Daniel Stefanik he founded his own label imprint STRETCHCAT just recently. With strictly limited editions and lots of love for the true essentials. He has been on our list of wishes for long long time, now we’ve managed to invite him!

And of course there will be also people from WHITE playing:

Nu will play one of his unique livesets. Recently that guy has been seen a lot in the sourroundings of such labels like MGF & Bar 25.

And in the end Kotelett & Zadak, will show us their favourite records of the year… Could be one of their never ending sets.

Almost forgot: In the beginning we have our WHITE boygroup Edward & Oskar… fluffy beards and nutty haircuts included!