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Our upcoming release is by the talented, young artist called Vid Vai aka Vid Papez from Slovenia.
We want to introduce him to you, and asked him 5 questions.


So Vid, you’re from Slovenia, so first I was wondering what Slovenia in winter is like? Is it as grey, dark & rough as our town can be?

Yes indeed. It can get really cold and grey – the bad side of living in my hometown (Ljubljana) during winter is that the weather is foggy almost all the time which is perfect for staying in and making some music though.Nevertheless it’s quite vivid – there are many interesting events, concerts and exhibitions taking place all over the year. It’s an old town, filled with young pulse and energy. I really like it here J


What equipment did you use on that track? Do you mind sharing this with us? :)

I’ve worked with DCO v6.0 for the synth – a free VST emulation for JUNO 6. Drum samples used are from Airbase 99 drum machine. The rest is quite basic really – no fancy equipment involved. I produce in digital domain but I pay a lot of attention to the details in sound because usually this kind of production tends to sound very clean and plastic which I don’t like very much.


I have to say I am always impressed by your producing ability. Can you share a little secret maybe?

That’s very nice to hear J I don’t think there is much secret to it. I believe it’s just very important to be passionate and dedicated when it comes to making music. So basically a lot of hard work, learning new stuff and listening to inspiring music. Experiences also come in handy – I’ve been producing for about 6 years now and most of the knowledge I’ve acquired is essential to me for making the track I like. I would say that the most important thing is to really know your equipment very well and everything else regarding the music production process. On the other hand I’m trying to be as open minded as possible and using different approaches/sounds/inspirations whenever I’m producing. I think the whole production should be a fun thing to do. You know – like children’s play, without any expectations or struggle. Sometimes playing around and trying new things can really lead to unexpected and rewarding results.


And last but not least can you tell us a littlebit about the title “By The Winding Trail”. What pictures came to your mind?

The whole EP reminds me of a diverse path electronic music has taken me on in the past few years. I’ve been inspired by so many amazing artists, mostly from house and techno genres. I think these 3 tracks successfully sum up the development of my musical identity. Sometimes it’s subtle (“Reminiscence”) on other occasions lively, fun (“Daytripper”) but it can also be dark, gloomy and serious (“Lapsed”). I think that variety in tracks is the first thing that comes to my mind and the consequential vivid journey they guide you through. As walking “by the winding trail” – it seemed an appropriate metaphor


The first track we signed from this EP was “Daytripper” which was the starting point for this release. I remember you sent it to me in spring. Did that affect that track? Or was it something you worked on for longer? And how did the track evolve?

I could definitely say that it was a little bit inspired by the spring since it is quite lively, energetic and warm. The track started to get its shape when I came up with the main synth line. When I had that melody laid out, the rest followed quickly. It usually doesn’t take me a long time to finish the track when I have the certain element or idea that I find interesting (like the melody in this case). »Reminiscence« followed quickly after that and »Lapsed« was the last track produced for the EP (I’ve finished it around August I think).

Vid Vai – “By The Winding Trail”
Vinyl only



Oskar Offermann “Do Pilots Still Dream Of Flying?” CD/LP – IN STORES NEXT WEEK


We are really happy about the album hardcopies… They turned out very nice! You can preorder your personal copy here:




“Do Pilots Still Dream About Flying?” Video

“Republican Enemy” video by the29nov films

check the29nov YouTube channel

you can buy the track on: iTunes, Beatport

Oskar Offermann & Kareem “Repulican Enemy” WHITE 014 OUT NOW!


Artwork by Adam Zawadzki, Amin Weber, Marie Schoppmann

Artwork by Adam Zawadzki, Amin Weber, Marie Schoppmann

WHITE 014 is out now. The release is going in another direction. But not only the release, also both tracks run somewhere else.  We split and take you with us. Let’s run!

you can buy the vinyl here: Hardwax, Decks, Deorecords, Smallville
digital will follow


Artwork © by Jan Kristof Lipp for WHITE

Artwork © by Jan Kristof Lipp for WHITE

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Aroma Pitch LIVE
Christopher Rau
Familie Humbold
Jason & Gentle People
Julian Chenaux
Patrick K
Session Victim

* * *

Same procedure as every Year?
Not quite..
For the 4th Edition of our beloved New-Years-Days-Night Reception year we moved to Downtown Kreuzberg, in the middle of the our favorite hipster neighbourhood… :)
Also will be starting a little earlier this time to have even more time for exciting acts and music and to celebrate the new year in style.
Besides the usual supects of the WHITE Crew (ASTHMATICS, MOOMIN. TRISTEN & JASON) and our good friends from the extended german deep house family (SMALLVILLEs Christopher Rau, FAMILIE Humbold from Giegling Records Weimar and SESSION VICTIM from Retreat, Berlin) we´re a very excited to have internationally acclaimed artists EFDEMIN and TRICKSKI headlinging the Night! As a special treat we´ll be presenting a couple of newcomers that caught our attention lately. From Frankfurt Main we are proud to present two promising young djs who go under the Names of PATRICK K & JULIAN CHENAUX. For the first time on the Big Stage, Colognes very own AROMA PITCH will be perfoming a full on liveset. Equiped with countless synthezisers and a stage piano, these three young lads make timeless music that is in the best possible way a real live experience.

* * *

Jason & Oskar

Link: Facebook

Moomin “Heads or Tails” WHITE 013


We are good like shit in communication. You know why? Because we never ever posted anything about Moomin’s first artist 12inch on WHITE. But maybe the lucky/unlucky number of this release let us forget that. Or maybe we just believe more in quality, then in communication. Anyway don’t miss it.

Vinyl: Decks, Deo Records, Smallville
Mp3: Beatport, iTunes, whatpeopleplay

De:Bug Special with Oskar, Edward & Moomin


hey folks, De:Bug is a wonderful german magazine for the digital age. Is about electronic music & all the nerd stuff we are into. We grew up with the De:Bug.
In it’s current issue you will find a 4 pages long WHITE Artists special with Oskar, Edward & Moomin. The photos are done by our friend & in house photographer Georg Roske.
You see, we working on our communication skills.

Oskar Offermann playing in the USA for the first time!

Oskar Offermann plays USA

Yeah. We hope they let that bearded man in. In that case here are the Dates & RA links:


Nu feat. Jo Ke “Fool” WHITE 998

So many people didn’t get the chance to grab a copy of the WHITE 998 vinyl. We thought it would be nice to restock NU’s beautiful release. And we did it, but in a small quantity so don’t be a fool and get it fast.

Vinyl: Decks, Deo Records, Smallville
Mp3: Beatport, iTunes, whatpeopleplay