WHITE Sparkle In Her Eyes w/ Jus-Ed


Dear friends,

this will be a true WHITE label night for sure! We thought we keep it simple and
family like:
Jus Ed and us!
We also have something to celebrate: Our latest family EP “Tied Together”
featuring Jason, Moomin, Tristen, Edward and myself.
So come along to celebrate a WHITE chrismas with… Jus Ed & us! ;)


WHITE SPARKLE IN HER EYES with Dionne (Smallville) & Brotherhood (Kann)


WHITE SPARKLE IN HER EYES with Dionne (Smallville) & Brotherhood (Kann)

12.12.09 // 23:55h // Horst Krzbrg, Tempelhofer Ufer 1

For our WHITE Christmas party we invited some friends from our favourite labels SMALLVILLE & KANN once again!

I guess you could say it is a well-proven receipe… but those were simply the best nights of the year for us! :)

From Hamburg City we have Just aka. Dionne.
Besides Julius, Jaques and of course Lawrence, he is another good family spirit of the Smallville Shop. Also he is the production partner from Julius Steinhoff and the “Smallpeople” are roughing up the deephouse world quite a bit these days. Releases for Laid & UQ are in the pipeline…:)

For our KANN support we have Brotherhood from Leipzig this time.
Together with Daniel Stefanik he founded his own label imprint STRETCHCAT just recently. With strictly limited editions and lots of love for the true essentials. He has been on our list of wishes for long long time, now we’ve managed to invite him!

And of course there will be also people from WHITE playing:

Nu will play one of his unique livesets. Recently that guy has been seen a lot in the sourroundings of such labels like MGF & Bar 25.

And in the end Kotelett & Zadak, will show us their favourite records of the year… Could be one of their never ending sets.

Almost forgot: In the beginning we have our WHITE boygroup Edward & Oskar… fluffy beards and nutty haircuts included!

Fusion Festival

Dear Friends,

we really had a greeeeeaaaat time playing at Fusion Festival! Thx again to everyone who was there to support us!!



It has been quite a while since the last WHITE labelnight… And we are very happy to get support by one of our favourite artists… Lawrence aka. Sten!

He’s around for almost 10 years now. Producing his melancholic signature-sound for labels such as Dial, Smallville, Ghostly, Liebe Detail, Kompakt and many others. He’ll play along with Berlin’s finest Mr. Zadak & Mr. Kotelett. As well as the dynamic duo Eddie & O.

Rimini at NBI

Our beloved posterboy DJ team Eddie & O are hosting a weekly joint at NBI. Every Thursday they invite a sort of A-list DJ and ask them to play mostly disco tunes (ok, sometimes also house)… All for 3 Euros only, so there is no better place to party on a Thursday!

29.01.09 | 22h
Tama Sumo (Ostgut Ton / Panorama Bar)
Edward (WHITE)
Oskar Offermann (WHITE)
NBI | Schönhauser Allee 36 | Kulturbrauerei | 3 EUR

Weisse Hasen New Years Afterhour

If you are in Berlin for NYE, and you party until the next evening, you should definitely join us for our personal little afterhour at Klub der Republik. It is a good place to hang out and share all the exciting stories from the night before. Works also if you just got out of bed…(:

01.01.08 // 7pm
Klub Der Republik
Pappelallee 81


Weekend suggestion #3

Tonight we will do a WHITE label showcase at one of our favorite kreuzberg spots, the Luzia bar.
Actually to some of our kind this place is like a second living room… A place to meet friends and hang out.

WHITE Labelshowcase at Luzia // Edward, Martin Zadak & Kotelett // 23h

Silbergold impressions

here are a few pictures from our labelnight in Frankfurt.

In Germany we would say something like “besser spät als nie”…


(click the picture for more impressions)

Freiburg & Frankfurt we are on our way!

whatup people?

we have some WHITE showcases coming up this weekend… Take a look at this little beauty right here:

Finally we’ve managed to come to play in Frankfurt!

It is our old hometown, and WHITE is actually located here with an office, too. So we are really looking forward to meet lot’s of good old friends at the Silbergold!!! Better be prepared…(:

The night before, we’ll be playing at the Groove Night in Freiburg. It is a premium party series run by local DJ Chris Milla. Unfortunately the Liquid got shut down by local authorities…): so our people from Freiburg decided to move the party into the Z.

We don’t mind, as long as there is a good sound system and great people to party with, we’ll get the most out of it – guaranteed!


looking forward…((:


Big up Jan!