In Jan’s favorite Hamburg-based record store Smallville, he found some strange-looking guy hanging on the wall looking at him… which brought me back to a nice little idea:

First of all, if you have similar pics from your local record store please send them to us, we are desperate to see them!!! (yes, we still need that little-extra-ego-push…!) Especially if you live somewhere else besides Germany on this beautiful planet. We’ll feature the results definitely here.

Which brings me to another nice blog: Yadogg

Check it! It is an amazing blog with pictures of record covers, just with a little “twist” to it.

So what I am trying to say is, if you want to pose with any of the WHITE faces covers, feel free and definetly send a shot to us! (or post it on Yadogg.) The best picture will receive a WHITE 003 copy as finished product.

send them here: blog | a t | whitelovesyou . com


  1. TRISTEN Says:

    fan shirt

  2. Oskar Says:

    NIIIIICCCE! how did you do that???


  3. Oskar Says:

    maybe, we should print shirts like that?

  4. TRISTEN Says:

    just holding the cover…..

  5. jan Says:

    but that looks like true classic tshirt… silkscreen yeah baby.

  6. the incredible Jason Says:

    Is ja lusdig…I wann have this shört,, vielleicht das ganze mal mit Farbumkehrung?

  7. Oskar Says:

  8. tauchsieder Says:

    I did this some month ago on an event.

  9. tauchsieder Says:

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