WHITE draußen in der Bar25



The Bar 25 is a huge part of our label history and this might be the very last WHITE party there…):
And once again we are looking forward a lot to our guests: Map.ache & Sevensol from Leipzig’s latest house sensation: KANN REC Together with labels like Smallville, Laid or Giegling they are standing on the good side of the younger German house nation. Always deep and inspiring instead of being loopy and boring. Also there will be a liveact: Nu, which is know from the last WHITE releases!
And Mo’Joe will play his Bar 25 debut DJ set. Recently he did a track for the well know label Objektivity.
So as beautiful DJ sets by Mr Anger, Mr. Moomin and Mr. Offermann.

We hope to c u there!


13.06.09 // 23h // Bar 25

Manamana DJ Team (Mapache + Sevensol)
(Kann Rec, Leipzig)

(Objektivity, WHITE)

Nu (Live)
(MGF, Bar 25, WHITE)


Oskar Offermann
(Just, WHITE)

Jason Anger


Artwork: Ben Roth

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