Yeah yeah yeah! We had an awesome time in the lovely town of Riga! Reeeeaaalllly amazing! The people were so nice and so open-minded, we really had a blast there.

Big up to Ivonna, the people from Space Garage and the Singalong Hostel. Thx for being such nice hosts! And thank you for the amazing experience we’ve had there and of course for the watercan… (:

To all the berlin people: come to the ZMF on friday. check out the riga people playing there.


  1. TRISTEN Says:

    love love love to riga

  2. Ivonna Says:

    ouh yesSS!!

  3. moomin Says:


  4. Oskar Says:

    Okay I admit: I AM IN LOVE WITH RIGA!!!


  5. VIELEN DANK, BERLIN! at Fuck For Friendship Says:

    [...] many thanks to White Crew, ZMF and all who came to the show. We had a blast, for sure! .. And really hope that its not the [...]

  6. IgorM Says:

    We love Yaaaaaa . Good players of White minimal……………. uaaaaaaaaaaggguaaaaaaa

  7. TRISTEN Says:

    black music, my dear

  8. Dasha :D Says:

    love & kisses aus Riga*)
    BERlin iz ze Best

  9. kone Says:

    thanx White Crew, really great party you did! Enjoyed you all, each was diferent and deep. Big up “MPC Guy” (oscar) – your show was short and inpact full of love and groove

  10. R! Says:

    You’re the best of the best!!

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