WHITE005 – a fundamental change!

The new WHITE release comes with a fundamental change: It’s an artist EP! The Faces Series was a very radical and honest way to launch an artist. But for the Artist EPs we wanted to give them space, so they can share deeper insights of their artistic development with us.

The Kick-Off EP comes from our good friend “Nu”:

Artist: Nu
Title: Viento
Format: 12″
Distribution: Intergroove Germany
Cat.No: WHITE 005
Barcode: 80729743591-7

But don’t worry this doesn’t mean the end for the “faces series”!


  1. www.sotland.co.uk Says:

    A work of a harvest,precisely because of your hard writing, we can feel so much eudaemonia, learn more our own understanding of their. The world could be so great.

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