Nu feat. Jo Ke “Fool” WHITE 998

So many people didn’t get the chance to grab a copy of the WHITE 998 vinyl. We thought it would be nice to restock NU’s beautiful release. And we did it, but in a small quantity so don’t be a fool and get it fast.

Vinyl: Decks, Deo Records, Smallville
Mp3: Beatport, iTunes, whatpeopleplay

Lovely Moomin Mix


WHITE 998 Teaser

WHITE 998 Teaser from Oskar Offermann on Vimeo.

hey there,

we did a little teaser for the upcoming WHITE release by Nu. It will be the continuation of our “Last Numbers Series”. Check it out! we hope you like it!


Oskar for


Hey, you can download a free track from me on the website. Please take you take and help the Japanese people by donating.

Thank you*

NWS Cast with Moomin

NWS Cast with Moomin

Check out the latest podcast by Moomin for NWS. You will find lots of unreleased treassures there! Pump it up!

WHITE Sparkle In Her Eyes w/ Jus-Ed


Dear friends,

this will be a true WHITE label night for sure! We thought we keep it simple and
family like:
Jus Ed and us!
We also have something to celebrate: Our latest family EP “Tied Together”
featuring Jason, Moomin, Tristen, Edward and myself.
So come along to celebrate a WHITE chrismas with… Jus Ed & us! ;)


Edward – A Piece Of Us


Our made man Edward did an amazing record for the Giegling label from our good friends from Weimar!!! It is a hell of a release and Edward proves once again, that he is an unbelievable gifted producer! I cannot stop listening and playing this one. This record will accompany my on my travels for a looooong time. It is capable of making me cry and smile at the same time…

hola brother, I’m feeling you!!!



white 10 cover

Artist: Edward
Title: Expressions In Stone
Release: 10 Jun 2010
Format: 12 Inch
Distribution: Intergroove Germany
Cat.No: WHITE 010-6



Here it it, our latest release by another newcomer by the name of “Johannes Albert”. Welcome to the family!

These very honest and timeless tracks tell us a story. The story of Johannes Albert’s passion for House. Since he was 15 years old, he is basically a fan, and that reflects in his music.

We also produced huge posters of this motive as a free give away for the shops. So ask your locals dealer for one.

So long, take care!


Artist: Johannes Albert
Title: Wooden Pearls
Release: 24th March 2010
Format: 12 Inch
Distribution: Intergroove Germany
Cat.No: WHITE 009-6

WHITE 008 – out now!!!


hey people,

the latest WHITE 12″ is in stores now!!!
We also thought it is time to reinvent our artwork a little bit, since we’ve got a little bored with the black & white… :)
But don’t worry we will still continue with the faces series, since we really want to portrait some artists over a longer period in time.

Since this is my own joint, I find it very hard to write something about it… I just hope you like it and you dig the artwork as much as we do!



Artist: Oskar Offerann
Title: Apple Crumble Beneath My Feet
Release: 6th January 2010
Format: 12 Inch
Distribution: Intergroove Germany
Cat.No: WHITE 008-6